Maui Family Vacation 2015 + Traveling Tips

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

Her’s a glimpse into our Maui family vacation. A week and a half in Maui and every day was ideal weather (77-82˚F, partly cloudy). It was really awesome to escape winter! I miss the soft breezes, rolling waves, toes in the sand, my son’s contagious grin as he mounted his boogie board, blooming trees, swaying palms and warm nights lit up with tiki torches.

I imagine parts of Maui were how the Garden of Eden might have looked. This was our 4th visit and we all enjoyed it the most.

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (@natashaskitchen) joined me for a few days of our trip, but I’m sharing loads of photos from our trip below along with Maui vacation travel tips (and cost saving secrets). It was a blessing to take a rest in such a beautiful place. If Maui is on your list of places to see, you might pin this post for future travels :).First, a whole bunch of pictures!

Maui 2015-27

Baby D was initially very much afraid of the water, but by the end of Day 2, she was bolting to it :).

Maui 2015-28

Maui 2015-29

Maui 2015-33

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

Everyone admired these two. That’s baby D’s cousin on the left.

Maui 2015-34

Maui 2015-32

We were on the beach every. single. day. The best!!

Maui 2015-31

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

Maui 2015-30

Sand everywhere… Oh here’s a quick but helpful tip if you’re spending alot of time on the beach, the little built in mesh underwear inside of boys swimming shorts traps sand and can cause horrible sand rashes. I cut them out of my son’s shorts for Maui.

Maui 2015-40

Tiny foot prints 🙂

Maui 2015-24

Bubba Gump was a cool experience with the waves hitting the building right under our window! Also their kids meal boats are adorable!

Maui 2015-43

Maui 2015-44

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

See those yummy fish tacos? ? Find my awesome fish tacos copycat recipe here!

Maui 2015-35

We didn’t go out to eat a ton because it’s difficult with babies and the time change made for some grumpy kids in the evening, but the eating was good in Maui.

Maui 2015-39

Here are the things we cooked at the Condo while in Maui:

(1). Steak with salad, potatoes and sauteed mushroom/onions. (2). Burgers

Maui 2015-38

(3). Deruny – potato fritters (4). Poached eggs with bacon, cucumber and fruit

Maui 2015-37

(5) Steel cut oats – seriously our favorite breakfast and our son loves it too. (6) More poached eggs 🙂

Maui 2015-26

Maui 2015-36

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

Maui 2015-16

We couldn’t get the kids out of the water. It was so warm.

Maui 2015-15

Maui 2015-25

We found this crazy banyan tree that is one tree that looks like 20 trees with a crazy root system.

Maui 2015-23

Maui Family Vacation Travel tips. Pin this for later!!

Maui 2015-8

Maui 2015-21

We went with my sister’s family which was great. The kids had alot of fun together.

Maui 2015-13

Haha those babies

Maui 2015-4

Best Maui Travel Dates:

We prefer to go during off-peak season. We went November 8 -18; just before the holidays. The condos and car rentals are less expensive and it’s not overly crowded.

Where to Stay on your Maui Family Vacation:

When visiting Hawaii, we always go to the island of Maui. It’s quieter, doesn’t feel like city life, but still has great amenities (like Costco!). We always use Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) to book the place and have had great success with beautiful properties at lower prices than booking through real estate companies or agents. And, sometimes if it’s off season, they will negotiation with you.

It’s always better to work with the owner and VRBO is just that. P.S. full disclosure, we are affiliates with VRBO so if you click on this link and book, we make a small commission – your cost is not affected – thanks for supporting our blog :).

Maui 2015-2

When in Maui, stay in Kihei or Wailea – the weather is dryer than the rest of the island. Even though the forecast showed wind and rain, it wasn’t the case a single day we were there. This time we stayed in Wailea (it’s really pretty there and Wailea beach is one of the best around the entire island). The resort we picked was Wailea Beach Villas (absolutely beautiful!)

It was spendy but we went with my sister and her husband so it worked out well. If you can find a resort with an umbrella and chair service for the beach, it’s really really convenient with kids. Baby D took some great naps on the beach under those umbrellas.

Maui 2015-20

Maui 2015-7

Booking Maui Flights:

We usually book through Alaska airlines directly on their website because they have a price guarantee where they credit you the difference if your flight fare goes down before your trip (which we have taken advantage of twice), but it’s nice because you don’t have to sit and wonder if the fare will go down, you just book it and check back a few times. We also have the Alaska Airlines credit card which gives us an annual $99 companion ticket – That saves us about $400-$500 on flights (that’s huge!).

Maui Car Rentals:

The prices at Discount Hawaii Car Rentals seem too good to be true sometimes, but they are true. We’ve used this website twice to book our cars. You can check back daily and rebook if prices go down.

More Maui Resources for Traveling with a Family:

1. Baby monitor (download “Cloud Baby Monitor” app – it works if you have 2 iphones – use the first as a parent unit and the second as the baby unit).

2. Baby Rentals – Maui has several to choose from if you google it. We made our choice based on price.

3. Maui Revealed Book – the first visit to Maui, we used this extensively (reviews for sightseeing, restaurants – very honest and accurate)

Things to do/ Restaurants to visit:

1. Coconuts Fish Cafe: Famous for their Fish tacos which I recreated on my blog after our last visit!

2. 808 deli: A quick sandwich shop. We were in love with the “southern squealer” sandwich and their “Porkie” panini. Yum!

3. Snorkeling and Bookie boarding (tip: go snorkeling in the morning before waves start) – You can find a snorkeling shop in Kihei when you get there. If you’re staying in a condo, there is a good chance someone has left behind a snorkeling set or boogie board for you to use. Also, if you need a boogie board, it may be cheaper to buy one instead of renting. They are inexpensive at Costco there, but check your condo first!

Maui 2015-5

4. Aquarium (15% discount with Visa – they let us use it on the phone without printing it)

Maui 2015-17

5. Whale watching – only during whale season (here’s a cool whale jump shot form our trip 2 years ago).

6. Parasailing – it’s kid friendly and not terrifying. It’s nice to do it once. We chose UFO Parasail company.

Maui 2015-22

Maui 2015-42

7. Sunsets – the most beautiful things in Maui (thankfully) are free! We tried to make it to every sunset on the beach.

Maui 2015-41

Maui 2015-14

Aloha 🙂

I’d love to hear your travel tips in a comment below!

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  • Sarah Jane (Pohaikealoha)
    November 18, 2017

    Prevet Natasha! Good to know you had a great time on Maui….I grew up in the islands and each island has its beauty. Oahu, though busy, has some historical places to visit (Iolani Palace, Queen Emma’s Palace, the Pali, as well as hula shows at the shopping center and a band concert by the Royal Hawaiian Band. I think one can fly to Oahu for a day or so, then fly to Maui and leave from there for a little more than round trip to Maui only. Aloha Reply

    • Natasha
      November 18, 2017

      Thank you for sharing! We just got back into town today. We may be more likely to explore various islands and tourist spots when our children are a little older and our toddler is no longer a toddler 🙂 Reply

  • Anna
    July 19, 2017

    Beautiful pictures.
    Could you let me know what camera are you using for this trip?
    or a camera that you can suggest? Reply

    • Natasha
      July 19, 2017

      Hi Anna, I believe that was our Canon 6D and 50mm lens for most of the photos. Here is a list of all the equipment we use. Reply

  • Jo Ann Rivera
    May 26, 2017

    do you have a cook book I can buy let me know please Reply

    • Natasha
      May 27, 2017

      Jo Ann, I don’t have a cook book yet but it is on my to-do list 😬 Reply

  • Yuliya
    March 28, 2017

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this post before!!! We’ve been to Maui once before and it was amazing! So we’re actually going again this year. Actually in about a month! But I wish I saw this post before we booked everything 🙁 we will be going with our 15 month old. How did you get Baby D on a sleeping schedule?
    Also did you know that Maui has a black sand beach and there’s a Garden of Eden. It was beautiful!!! Have you been to a Luau? We thought it would have been a waste of 200$ but I was very worth it 🙂 and going there again this time around. 🙂

    I love all your recipe and have probably tried half of them!!! Reply

    • Natasha
      March 28, 2017

      I hope you have an amazing time!! Our little one did well with naps – we rented a crib through a baby gear rental company so she had a designated place to nap. She was pretty young though so it was easier to put her to nap on the beach under the umbrella even. We tried to stick with our home time zone somewhat but she still had to adjust when we got there and when we came back. I hope you have a lovely and memorable trip! 🙂 Reply

  • Nessy
    October 28, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your photos!! Loved it!! May God bless your beautiful family! I’m new to your site and just recently started using your recipes! Thank you! Reply

    • Natasha
      October 28, 2016

      You are very welcome Nessy, welcome to the site and thank you for such a nice comment 😁. Reply

  • YanaP
    March 18, 2016

    Looks beautiful!

    Can you please share a bit of information on the per night cost in a condo/rental home and what are the cons/pros of renting a place as such? Reply

    • Natasha
      March 18, 2016

      There is a huge range in prices. I would suggest clicking on the link above for the vacation rentals, finding the location you want and searching by your budget. It also varies by what part of Maui you stay in. We probably stayed in the most expensive part (Wailea), but if you stay in Kihei, prices are better. I enjoyed this trip the most because the place was nice. I kept comparing my previous visits to Maui to our vacations in Mexico where everything is pretty and fancy (and not as spendy as Maui). It was a splurge, but going with the baby and being in a condo near the beach (we didn’t have to drive to the beach), plus having the umbrella service was such a treat with kids on the beach. Reply

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