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I’ve met my match.

A card of a baby that says the more I think the more confused I get

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Pathobiology,…. Pathophysiology, whatever. Its been my most difficult class so far (content wise). I took Anatomy and Physiology in a 5 week session during the summer and that was the most intense class  because there was sooo much to cram in with so little time. But Patho….ugh.

This photo is how I feel when I’m taking the quizes (no, that’s not David, just a picture I found on google – it was either this or a picture of Bush – the baby was cuter). Patho is a combination of Chemistry and A&P and biology. I have to be able to draw on everything I learned from those classes. This one class has kept me really tied up; hence the blog neglect – my apologies.

Well, I’m posting my aunts fabulous chicken skewers today. Hope you try them. They are well worth the time and they are fairly straightforward (unlike my Patho class). It’s so much nicer to think about food….(sigh)

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  • A11a
    February 22, 2010

    Maybe Slavik and I can find some way to help out.


  • Veronica
    February 12, 2010

    Hang in there, girl–you can do it!!!


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