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New Site Design!!

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    Notice any changes? It’s here – the new site design!! We’ve completely re-vamped our blog. We hope you love it and are as excited about it as we are. Our primary focus was making it more user friendly. It’s clean as a baby’s bottom (post bath). I think you’ll find it easier to navigate, and find what you’re looking for.

    For the past couple of months, we’ve been working behind the scenes with Rachel and Stephen of Cre8d to completely overhaul and redesign our site (If you get a quote from them, let them know I sent you by using my referral code: NK). Even our logo is spiffed up (my hubby redesigned it himself).

    Ready for the tour? Oh and be sure to scroll to the bottom for a very cool video tutorial!

    iphone ipad

    The most drastic change is on mobile devices. It’s way way way way way way way easier to cook from your mobile device (I know many of you cook recipes from your phones and ipads). It’s truly mobile optimized. The ipad version is now the same as the desktop version. #FistBump (I’m so happy right now).

    Here’s what’s new:

    1. The search is at the top right of the blog and now accounts for misspellings (because goluptsi/golubtsy/goloobtse) can be spelled an endless number of ways. Also the menu scrolls with you so you don’t have to scroll for miles to get back to it.


    2. Our Recipes (top menu bar) are easier to find than ever before! You will discover better categories and can even search by ingredient. Plus, click on Category, Cuisine, Diet or Ingredient and it magically skips down to the correct section so you don’t have to scroll.


    3. It’s crazy easy to subscribe to our email newsletter. If you haven’t gotten on that train, just get ‘er done y’all. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the benefits of being in our VIP email club (exclusive giveaways, menu ideas, stories and photos you won’t see anywhere else).


    4. New Life Tab on the top menu bar. Finally a category for all the fun travel, home, parties, and family posts! Before they were lost in oblivion after being posted. Now maybe I’ll be motivated to keep up this part of the blog #personalproblem


    5. The new Resources button on the top menu has everything you need to know to start your own blog.

    6. Love Pinterest? Me too!! You can find me on pinterest between 6:30am and midnight ;).You can now easily pin my recipes on any device. P.S. Thanks for pinning – I love it when you all pin and share my recipes on Facebook and Instagram. It means alot to me and helps others discover my blog. Seriously, THANK YOU!

    7. When you open a recipe, there is a print button at the top of the post in the print friendly recipe at the bottom. Also, the new print layout is snazzier and easier to read. So if you’ve printed all my recipes, you can do it again! Yes!!! 😉

    8. To comment, click the “Add comment/review” button at the bottom of the post:


    9. Check out this cool trick! If you use something other than an iPhone or iPad and know how to do this on your device, please share your knowledge in a comment below :).

    Also, you’re awesome and thanks for reading my blog. Please poke around and explore the new design and let me know how you like it :).

    Natasha Kravchuk

    Welcome to my kitchen! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. Thanks for stopping by! We are so happy you're here.

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    • Pia Miranda
      July 30, 2021

      Hi, I am a huge fan of yours! I recently purchased a google nest so it would be easier for me to follow your recipes and I am having a hard time finding your recipes in the results. Any plans on making your page available on voice apps and devices?


      • Natasha
        August 1, 2021

        Hi Pia, as far as I know, our site is optimized for all platforms, but Google nest doesn’t always search all of google the way a mobile or desktop browser would. Some recipes pull up and others don’t and I’m not sure how to control that. I don’t think I can. I try to be specific about what I search when I use our google home device.


    • Karina
      August 14, 2015

      Wow you made so new looking and i love all the new upgrades and that you took some of our opinions and put them into the upgrades thank you for everything and thank for the amazing recipes my mother made 6 portions of your creamy zucchini dip and its amazing she put it into bins and she is freezing it so thank you bye


      • Natasha
        August 14, 2015

        Thank you so much for your great feedback! I sure appreciate it and I’m so happy you like the new changes :).


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