Canning Lemons

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
How to can lemons. So easy and makes for a darling gift! @natashaskitchen
My husband's family lives in California and they sent us loads of lemons; fresh from their lemon tree. What to do with so many lemons?... Can them and give them to your friends and neighbors! It's a simple, thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea. Not, to mention, canned lemons are awesome with tea. We've been enjoying them for a couple of weeks. And what Russian/Ukrainian person doesn't like tea? Each pint-sized can holds 2 to 2 1/2 lemons. They will stay wonderful at least a month in the fridge. This isn't a typical canning recipe, where you can set them on the shelf for months, so don't try it. Keep those canned lemons refrigerated.
Author: Natasha of
Servings: 3 pint size jars


  • 8 lemons for 3 pint size jars
  • 2-3 cups sugar
  • 3 pint size glass jars


  1. Start by washing your jars with soap and water, then fill each jar 1/3 with boiling hot water and swirl it around, then drain and repeat. Or, you can boil the cans in a large pot for 5 minutes (if you're a real germaphobe) or run them through your dish washer. Do the same with the lids.
  2. Wash your lemons thoroughly using a sponge or dish brush, then slice them into rings or half circles.
  3. Place sliced lemons  into jar  (about 1/2 lemon at a time). Cover lemon slices with at least 3 Tbsp sugar.
  4. Repeat layers of lemon and sugar till you get to the top, pressing  down the lemons as you go.
  5. Go on, add more sugar until you get to the top. Cover with the lid and refrigerate. You can also put a nice piece of fabric over the flat lid and screw the top over it for a nicer presentation. The sugar will turn into a syrup as it stands in the fridge. There you have it!