Mom’s Adjika Recipe – A Russians’ Pesto! (Аджика)

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
This Adjika is not hard to make, considering all of the ingredients are just whirled in a food processor and you don't have to seed the jalapenos - SCORE!
Author: Natasha of
Skill Level: Medium
Cost to Make: $20
Servings: 14 cups


  • 1 lb about 2 large Carrots, peeled and cut into 1" pieces
  • 1 lb about 5 medium Apples, peeled and cored
  • 1 lb 3-4 large Bell peppers - chopped into 1" pieces
  • 5 lbs about 10 cups ripe tomatoes, sliced into quarters
  • 1 cup oil olive, canola or vegetable oil
  • 150 grams 2/3 cup or about 24 large garlic cloves
  • 150 grams 2/3 cup or about 14 medium jalapenos, stems removed
  • 2 Tbsp Salt


  1. Using a food processor, mince carrots, apples, bell peppers, tomatoes and put them in a large soup pot.

  2. Bring the pot to a boil over high heat, stir and bring to a boil again and repeat a few more times until the mixture is heated through and boiling consistently when stirred. The mixture is very thick so it takes a few stirs to heat it through.
  3. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Stir occasionally.
  4. Mince the garlic and jalapenos together in the food processor.
  5. Add Oil, Salt, Garlic and Jalapenos to the pot and continue to simmer for another 30 minutes.
  6. Prepare the cans.

Canning Process:

To sterilize your clean jars: wash them and let them dry in the oven at 215 for about 20 min or until completely dry. Boil the lids 5 min.

  1. Transfer your boiling hot adjika to the jars using a glass measuring cup and a funnel (least messy method) leaving about 1/4" space.
  2. Screw the lids on enough to keep a tight seal in place but don't over-tighten them since air bubbles need to be able to escape.

  3. Place packed cans into the canning pot and cover with 1-2 inches of water. Bring to a boil and process 15 minutes. Remove from the pot with jar lifter and leave at room temperature undisturbed for 12-24 hours. You may hear a pop when the jars fully seal. After 24 hours, check that the seal has formed by pushing down on the center of the lid - it should not move at all. If the seal does not form, refrigerate adjika and enjoy within 3 months.