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Natasha’s Kitchen Cookbook

    I am so excited to finally share our first cookbook with you! Somebody pinch me!! It’s hard to believe it’s out in the world and a three-week New York Times Best-Selling Cookbook. Writing this book has been one of the hardest, most exciting, and fun things I’ve ever done, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

    Natashas Kitchen cookbook

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    Where to Buy

    The book is available online and in stores:

    P.S. I have this vivid memory of getting a chocolate candy bar in grade school and saving it so I could share it with my 4 sisters at home. That’s how I feel about the recipes in this cookbook – I finally get to share them with you, the Natasha’s Kitchen community that I love so much. Thank you for your support and for inspiring me to bring this cookbook to life. You must know, it was created FOR YOU!

    About Natasha’s Kitchen Cookbook

    • National Best Seller – 3 Weeks on the New York Times List, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly Barnes and Noble Top Books, and Amazon Best-Seller.
    • 100+ Recipes – I think it’s about 110 to be exact, most of which are brand new and truly some of my best recipes. These include everything from breakfasts, soups, salads, main courses, exciting sides, and desserts.
    • Entertaining Ideas – we have a whole chapter devoted to easy hosting with brilliant recipes and tips to inspire hospitality.
    • Tested by hundreds of volunteers – Every recipe was tested by 5 or more cooks from our cookbook testing community of 315 people (with all skill levels; from home cooks to professional chefs).
    • Gorgeous photos – every recipe was beautifully photographed (because I can’t handle cookbooks without pictures) and the recipes will make your mouth water.
    • Behind the Scenes – we included historic photos of my family, even the first (slightly awkward) photo with my husband Vadim when we first met. I’m excited to share more of my family with you. I know I’m biased but the lifestyle photos are my favorite part of the book.
    • Stories – I shared our back story with details I’ve never shared before; how we came to America as refugees, growing up, meeting my husband, and how this incredible Natasha’s Kitchen journey began.

    Recipes in this Book

    An accessible collection of more than 100 weeknight recipes from the creator of the wildly popular website Natasha’s Kitchen, featuring trusted family favorites and enticing new dishes.

    In Natasha’s Kitchen, she shares 100+ budget-friendly, foolproof recipes anyone can whip up on even the busiest weeknight. From Salmon Piccata and Turkey Meatball Soup to Crispy Bacon Jalapeno Poppers as well as traditional Ukrainian recipes passed down from her mother like classic Borscht and her famous Pierogis, Natasha’s family-friendly recipes are made with easy-to-find ingredients and have been thoroughly tested. And because she loves to have her large extended family and friends over, there are also menus for sharing and easy entertaining—from a taco bar to a chili bar to the ultimate cheese board.

    With a warm and encouraging voice accompanied by beautiful, mouthwatering photographs, Natasha offers readers a glimpse into her life as she does what she enjoys most: cooking for her loved ones.

    We’ve shared a sampling of some of the Cookbook Recipes Here.


    Despite having an entire team proofread the book many times over, a couple of things slipped through the cracks. Thank you for reporting these to me! Corrections will be made in the next printing:

    • French Onion Soup on pg. 120 – Step 5: Once the stock and seasonings are in the pot, partially cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Watch the Video Tutorial.
    • Index – Fettuccini Alfredo is on pg 132 (not 152)

    What People are Saying…

    The book has received glowing reviews since the day it launched. Read hundreds more reviews on Amazon.

    “Delicious and Simple recipes”

    “My husband and I were anticipating the arrival of Natasha’s cookbook. Because of her delicious recipes we stopped eating out as much. The recipes are simple and don’t require a whole lot of “hard to find” ingredients. Today we cooked 3 recipes to mealprep, the whole chicken, the mushroom chicken, and the restaurant-tasting mashed potatoes. I promise you won’t regret getting this cookbook. My 3 year old loved the mashed potatoes and the chicken with mushrooms. We look forward to cooking many more of these recipes. Thank you Natasha! Your skills have helped us save so much money by eating in and I love watching your YouTube channel. There has not been a recipe I’ve tried that my hubby and I have not loved. God bless you always!” – Keyla

    “EASY, FAST, and DELICIOUS recipes”

    “We have been following Natasha and her recipes for YEARS! We were ecstatic when we saw she was writing a cookbook! The picture is actually from a recipe from her website but one that we just cooked tonight! Natasha’s recipes consist of ingredients you mostly have on hand and never usually exceed 30 minutes. As a mother of two, this is huge! We also always get complimented when guests come over and 90% of the time it’s a “Natasha” recipe. My husband’s common phrase is “Natasha, you did it again!”Specifically for her book, it included more about Natasha’s life that we loved! Some more amazing recipes that are not on her website and we loved the tips and hints section! I know more ways to thaw butter that I am super excited to use! Thanks, Natasha!” – Curt S.

    “Where do I begin!!”

    “From the moment I opened this beautiful and long-awaited cookbook, I couldn’t put it down! I literally spent 3 hours reading every single page. I was fully committed and absorbed in the precious stories and family memories that caused me to tear up more than once (especially the one about how her and Vadim met). I felt like I knew Natasha and her family members personally and the way she weaved those memories and stories with the recipes was incredibly sweet. Of course, I have made many recipes in this book, but now beyond excited to get busy trying all the others! Thank you Natasha for who you are, your silly, funny, sweet and endearing personality that millions of us love and adore! Congratulations and God bless you and your family….so very proud of you!!” – Karen L.


    “I’m so happy to receive Natasha’s cookbook and I am blown away at how beautiful it is! This is a very nice hefty hard-bound cookbook. It’s pages are filled with beautiful photos for each recipe and it is very well written and put together. There’s TONS of recipes in here! I’ve already made 3 of Natasha’s recipes from the book and my family loved every bite. The recipes are easy to follow and the print is just right. I’m going to be using this cookbook for a very long time. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it really is! Don’t hesitate! Just get one! You will love it like I do.” – Alicia H.

    Natasha Kravchuk

    Welcome to my kitchen! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. Thanks for stopping by! We are so happy you're here.

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    • Raegan
      May 19, 2024

      this book is Awesome!!!
      I love it so much you rock!
      You did such a good job!


      • Raegan
        May 22, 2024

        IT FINALLY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i read it cover to cover twice!


        • Natasha's Kitchen
          May 23, 2024

          Yay that’s wonderful! I hope you will love all the recipes that you will try!


    • Raegan
      May 19, 2024

      I’m getting it in the mail and IM SO EXCITED!
      Thanks for the half-off deal!


    • Raegan
      May 19, 2024

      ACK! I finally got it!
      I got it during the half-off deal! I am so excited to get it AH!
      ( I’m still waiting for it to ship ) I saw it at a Williams Sonoma and Stood in the middle of the store reading it. it was too expensive then, but I was thrilled when it was half off


    • arlene heaps
      May 15, 2024

      Just read in the comments that the spiral edition is a “dupe”. What do you mean by that?
      Is someone else selling it and you are not receiving any money from the sales? There is quite a difference in the price of the hard cover depending on where it is purchased.


      • Natasha
        May 15, 2024

        HI Arlene, essentially someone is buying the book, converting it to spiral and selling it again. My publisher has nothing to do with whoever is doing that and Amazon isn’t stopping them despite our efforts. I can’t speak for the quality of that book or how it is bound.


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