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Our Weekend on the Oregon Coast

    Natasha holding up her baby daughter

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    This past weekend I took baby D (who just turned 6 months) with me to the Oregon coast. It was one of the bravest things I’ve ever done; traveling with a baby by ma-self! It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be and thankfully the flight was a quick one.

    I was surprised and blessed by how many people offered to help me with my stroller, carseat and bags. If you were one of the kind souls that made my trip smoother, thank you!! Baby D was a natural at flying. She napped on the flight there, made everyone smile and was a happy little traveler.

    Food Blog Retreat-8

    So why in the world did I go to Oregon? We went to a blogging retreat with a group of food-loving gals. Here’s the crowd (left to right: Mom’s Dish, Baby D and I, Valentina’s Corner, Let The Baking Begin Blog, and Little Broken.

    Food Blog Retreat-5

    Our VRBO Rental:

    We rented a gorgeous house through Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO). It was 3 stories high and had an amazing view of the beach – it was so close to the water you could hear the waves when you opened the window and there was sand swept up against the house.

    P.S. The entire trip was captured on my iphone. In packing light, I didn’t bring my big camera.

    Food Blog Retreat- VRBO, Vacation Rentals by Owner, Oregon Coast Rentals

    That kitchen though! So bright and beautiful. We spent most of our time on the top level. Talk about breakfast with a view! Baby D was happy to get plenty of attention. Valentina, I think you were her favorite ;).

    Food Blog Retreat-11

    Food Blog Retreat-12

    The top floor had panoramic views. The living areas faced the shore and the back patio and kitchen faced the mountains.

    Food Blog Retreat-4

    And the beautiful Oregon beach; a little windy and chilly but the roar of waves that break and curl up to your toes, the salty air that messed up any chance of nice hair, fog that enveloped the morning air and made sipping my coffee feel like a Folgers commercial, the squawking seagulls and that striking boulder in the water all really took my breath away.

    I so badly wished my hubby and son could have been there; standing on the beach with me. I’ll just have to take them there.

    Food Blog Retreat-7

    Towards the afternoon, the fog lifted and the view was nearly majestic.

    Food Blog Retreat-2

    I was thankful to have this Ergo Baby carrier with me. She nuzzled her face into me and napped while I strolled along the beach.

    Food Blog Retreat-14

    There was alot of Facetime happening with my hubby and son. I sure missed them.

    Now as a group of food bloggers, ofcourse there was plenty of fantastic food! From gourmet breakfasts to fancy dinners; we ate well :).

    Food Blog Retreat-13

    [Crepes by Natalya of Mom’s Dish]

    Food Blog Retreat

    [Salmon dinner by Marina of Let the Baking Begin]

    Food Blog Retreat-17

    [Cake Roll by Valentina of Valentina’s Corner].

    Food Blog Retreat-18

    [Zuppa Toscana by Mom’s Dish, Shrimp Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce by me]

    We also ate out and took pictures of taking pictures of our food #totallynormal ;).

    Food Blog Retreat-9

    Then we toured the Tillamook Cheese factory and our guide really rolled out the red carpet for us. He was so nice. Yes that is deep fried squeaky cheese!

    Food Blog Retreat-15

    Also, Portland is where I fell in love with macarons. I tried macarons in the past and thought; what do people see in these? Then I gave them another chance and boy oh boy were they amazing. I can’t stop thinking about them! #MustRecreate!

    Food Blog Retreat-10

    Food Blog Retreat-16

    P.S. Our twinsie outfits were not planned ;).

    So that was our trip in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Have you been to the Oregon Coast?

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    • Tina
      August 9, 2016

      Late to the party…. But can you tell me what beach town you were in? I’d love to rent that house. My daughter goes to college in Portland so I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Oregon. Thanks.. Love your blog. I’m half Russian and my mom and aunt never wrote down the recipes so your blog has been a great resource.


      • Natasha
        August 10, 2016

        Hi Tina! Click on this link and type in Kiwanda Shores in Pacific City Oregon. The description of the house is: “Kiwanda Kove in Pacific City with Amazing Views of Ocean”


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