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Weekend Getaway + Guess What?!

    Natasha, her husband and son smiling at the camera with a body of water behind them

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    We spent the weekend in Cascade Idaho with my husband’s family. The weather there was perfect; low to mid 70’s and cloudy. It was such a nice break from the summer heat we’ve had in the Boise area. It was also great to spend time with family that we don’t see often (they were visiting from Cali).

    The kids loved it (3 of the boys are about the same age). Here’s a peek into our trip and make sure to get to the bottom  of the post for some very exciting news!

    Cascade Vacation

    We spent the most time on the beach. it wasn’t warm enough to swim but we enjoyed the fresh air, let the kids explore and get dirty and even did some fishing (although we didn’t catch much).

    Cascade Vacation-9

    …. 🙂

    Don’t worry, we didn’t travel this way. My son just loves holding babies. These were all of the kiddos on the trip. All boys.

    Cascade Vacation-15

    Our vacation rental was right by the beach which was perfect. We walked there a couple times a day.

    Cascade Vacation-2

    Cascade Vacation-21

    Cascade Vacation-14

    Cascade Vacation-13

    Cascade Vacation-12

    Cascade Vacation-20

    Cascade Vacation-7

    Cascade Vacation-4

    … 🙂

    Cascade Vacation-8

    Cascade Vacation-3

    I was in charge of breakfast so here’s what was on the menu:

    Morning 1:

    Cantaloupe, cheese, english muffins, cucumbers, nalesniki with all the fixins (cheese crepes that I prepared before we left home), scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee and OJ.

    Cascade Vacation-10

    Morning 2:

    Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, homegrown raspberries, fresh peaches, cantaloupe, sour cream & homemade jam, then hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, cheese, coffee, and orange juice. I love breakfast the most these days because I start feeling worse throughout the day (more on that below).

    Cascade Vacation-7

    Here’s the crew at breakfast time.

    Cascade Vacation-2

    My sis-in-law, Nadia was in charge of all the other meals and she did a fantastic job! Thank you so much Nadia for all the time, energy and love you put into our menu . Everyone helped which was so nice. I loved sharing elbow space with these gals.

    Cascade Vacation-16

    My son insisted that one of his aunties read to him at bedtime. I loved this sweet scene 🙂

    Cascade Vacation-6

    We also spent alot of cozy moments on the deck overlooking the lake, just chatting it up 🙂

    Cascade Vacation-5

    Here’s our party of 12.

    Cascade Vacation-3

    On our last day, we checked out and went to a nearby hot springs. It was nice. I sat in the large “kiddie” pool the whole time but it was so relaxing. The water was just right.

    Cascade Vacation

    And this is what uncles are for:

    Cascade Vacation

    So, the great, exciting and super awesome news (for us anyways)…

    There’s a bun in the oven! That’s right, I’m pregnant! We’ve been working (I won’t elaborate) on this one for a long time :-O. I honestly think stress was a big contributor in making it hard to get pregnant; going from finishing up nursing school, to the big ‘ol nursing boards, then training and starting a new career on nights on a very stressful floor no less (Telemetry)…. When I finally decreased my hours; within a month, I was preggers!

    Cascade Vacation-10

    I’m so happy and excited to share my joy with you. I’ll be keeping you posted here on occasion and more frequently on my my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels (for those of you that like that sort of thing ;)). Anyway, God’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. I am 12 weeks and due March 7th. I’m also super curious to know if it will be a girl or boy.

    Our 5-yr old son is probably the most excited. He does the sweetest things for the baby already; like practicing swaddling his teddy and saving bites of food from his plate saying it’s “for the baby” as he scoots it my way. We are so blessed to be pregnant and I’m immensely thankful to God for this blessing.

    Cascade Vacation-4

    It’s been a little bumpy so far with the food aversions. I couldn’t stand the onions and garlic being in the pantry so we moved them into the laundry room. Now I hate my laundry room. I feel great in the morning but sort of crumby in the evening.

    All of this makes it more challenging to blog, but I’m still plugging along because I don’t want any of you to be hungry in the mean time ;). Love you all and please keep our family in your prayers through this pregnancy. Thanks friends!


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    • Karen
      February 18, 2020

      Hello Natasha,

      I wanted to write hello and tell congrats on your second pregnancy.It must be exciting for you!I hope you enjoyed your trip!


      • Natashas Kitchen
        February 18, 2020

        Thank you, Karen! This was from a few years ago but I do appreciate it!


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