Top 5 (MEGA VIRAL) Avocado Recipes

Countdown of our top 5 viral avocado recipes. These avocado recipes prove avocados aren't just for guacamole. Now you can eat as much avocado as possible! |

These avocado recipes prove that avocados aren’t just for guacamole. Here is a countdown of our top 5, mega viral avocado recipes. Each is loaded with avocado so you can eat as much avocado as possible!

These are the most loved avocado recipes on our blog, of all time, and have a combined 143 MILLION views on Facebook to date! WOAH!! These are popular for good reason and are sure to become new favorite recipes for you. Let me know which one is your favorite.

Here is the countdown of the most viral avocado recipes. These are all delicious and healthy. You can explore 30 more avocado recipes here! Let me know which is YOUR favorite.

Watch a summary of our most viral avocado recipes:


#5: Avocado Shrimp Salsa Recipe

Click to watch the video with 13 million views.

This Avocado Shrimp Salsa is a party favorite! Loaded with shrimp, avocado and a surprising ingredient! Easy, excellent avocado shrimp salsa video recipe. |

#4: Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad

Watch the video that started the avocado craze! (24 million views)

This Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad recipe is a keeper! Easy, Excellent Salad |

#3: Avocado Shrimp Salad

This viral video will make you all kinds of hungry! (25 million views)

#2: Avocado Tuna Salad

Can you resist after watching this video? (39 million views)

This Avocado Tuna Salad has incredible fresh flavor! Tuna Avocado Salad is loaded with protein. The avocado adds a healthy and highly satisfying creaminess. |

#1: Avocado Chicken Salad 

This video took Facebook by storm (42 million views!!)

P.S. Thank you all so very much for following us on Facebook. It just blows me away that we have almost 2.2 million fans now on Facebook (up from 35k about 1 year ago and we just celebrated 1 million 5 months ago – SERIOUSLY!!). Thank you for watching and sharing our videos. We are so thankful to have just the best readers and friends – your support means so much to us and blesses us daily. I can’t say this enough, but THANK YOU!

This Avocado Chicken Salad recipe is a keeper! Easy, excellent chicken salad with lemon dressing, plenty of avocado, irresistible bites of bacon and corn |

If I had to choose a favorite (which is so hard because all of these are crazy good!), I suppose I would go with the one I make and crave most often which is actually #5. My son’s favorite is #1!

Avocado prices seem to vary wildly by season and location. When prices of avocados are up in most grocery stores, my go-to spot is Costco where a bag of 6 larger sized avocados runs about $6-$7 pretty much year round.

Q: Where do you buy your avocados?

P.S. Which one of these viral avocado recipes is YOUR favorite??

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  • evelyn
    December 15, 2017

    how can I print out youravacodo chicken salad to know how much of each dressing ingredient to mix Reply

    • Natasha
      December 15, 2017

      Hi Evelyn, just push on the yellow “print” button at the right side of the recipe by clicking HEREReply

  • Kashana
    December 2, 2017

    I really enjoy watching your videos & helping us revamp cooking meals for our families! Reply

    • Natasha's Kitchen
      December 2, 2017

      It’s my pleasure Kashana! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes. Thanks for following! Reply

  • Catherine
    November 7, 2017

    Do you have any recommendations for what I could substitute cilantro with? My fiance cannot eat cilantro. Reply

    • Natasha
      November 7, 2017

      Hi Catherine, it depends on the salad, but you can swap cilantro with chives or dill, or even finely chopped fresh parsley adding them to taste 🙂 Reply

  • Marsha Umek
    October 28, 2017

    I am so glad to see salad recipes and dressings without mayo and vinegar. I hate both and it is hard to find good salads that aren’t boring. I love avocado and fresh veggies. When I am in a hurry, my little one and I will mix a can of tuna with two individual chunky guacamole cups to make a tuna sandwich. it is also good with canned salmon and chicken. It’s fast and easy. You can also eat it with chips. Reply

    • Natasha's Kitchen
      October 29, 2017

      Yum, that sounds delicious! I hope you enjoy the recipes Marsha! Reply

  • gail
    October 13, 2017

    how can I print your wonderful recipes? Reply

    • Natasha
      October 14, 2017

      Hi Gail, when you click on the individual recipes that you wish to print, there is a print button at the top right of the recipe page and a second print button towards the end of the recipe in the shaded print-friendly recipe box. Reply

  • Maria Zoltowski
    October 13, 2017

    I am trying to find the recipe from a video for a bowtie pasta, spinach, chicken (?) and avocado salad. Does this sound familiar? I saw it on FB. I am getting dizzy trying to scan all your wonderful salad recipes. Thank you so much. Reply

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