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Welcoming Tanya’s Little Man; A Baby Shower

    Babyshower cupcakes with little signs on them

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    My oldest sister, Tanya is due in the next couple weeks. This will be her second and this time around she’s expecting a boy. We celebrated her baby shower at my house this past weekend. The decorations were whimsical, the menu was incredible and the guests seemed to really enjoy themselves. Here’s a peak at the party. Lots and lots of photos.

    The theme: “Little man”

    The Colors: Royal blue, a couple shades of teal and light blue. Also, black and white. Oh and gold accents (I would never have come up with a color scheme as lovely, but then I decorate scrapbooks with stickers (I am not ashamed).

    Before I go on, I’d like to give credit to my sister Alla for being the brains behind the decorating operations. She spent hours planning, sewing, taping and hot glue gunning things together. The rest of us were merely minions (“subordinate or petty officials”- says the dictionary). If I had decorated things myself, I would not have taken pictures. lol. I keep telling Alla she would rock a home design blog; Every room in her home looks like something out of a magazine…

    The centerpieces:

    Little Man Baby Shower_-6-2

    The main dining table; Get it, “A Baby Shower” – rain, clouds,… shower. Alla covered my chandelier with white pompoms made of tissue paper and she sewed those rain drops (yep; she sewed them!). She also made the birds that are hanging from the clouds. Isn’t it whimsical?

    Little Man Baby Shower_-4

    Little Man Baby Shower_-5-2

    Little Man Baby Shower_-8

    The Entry: guests were greeted to this lovely display.

    Little Man Baby Shower-3

    Little Man Baby Shower-2

    Little Man Baby Shower-4

    Little Man Baby Shower_-4-2

    There was one game; we aren’t big on games, but every shower needs at least one good game. We had guests guess the size of Tanya’s belly and the closest 3 entries won. As prizes we gave away some pretty nail polishes.

    Little Man Baby Shower_

    Little Man Baby Shower_-6

    Alla made all of those bow ties, pinned them to onesies and strung everything together with a thick white ribbon.

    Little Man Baby Shower_-3

    Little Man Baby Shower_-2-2

    The mantle had more of the rain drops she sewed along with birds and gold accents above. I told her she could leave the gold stuff after the party 😉 And look, more birds!

    Little Man Baby Shower_-2

    Little Man Baby Shower

    The Menu: (I’ve included links to most of the recipes)

    1. Smoked Salmon Canapes

    Little Man Baby Shower_-21

    2. Cabbage and Bell Pepper Salad

    Little Man Baby Shower_-19

    3. Broccoli Apple Salad

    Little Man Baby Shower_-20

    4. Spinach and strawberry salad (can’t have a party without this one!)

    Little Man Baby Shower_-18

    5. cucumber salad (similar to this cucumber and tomato salad)

    Little Man Baby Shower_-17

    6. Another Salad I forgot to photograph was one of my favorites: Russian Beet Salad

    7. Red Potatoes with Bacon

    Little Man Baby Shower_-16

    8. Wild Rice Pilaf (I need to nab the recipe from my sister Sveta)

    Little Man Baby Shower_-15

    9. Beef Stroganoff with the addition of Leeks (It was great with the leeks and I’ll have to re-make it!)

    Little Man Baby Shower_-14

    10. Mom’s meat roulade (this is on my to-do list)

    Little Man Baby Shower_-13

    11. Shrimp. Shrimp. And more Shrimp.

    Little Man Baby Shower_-12

    12. Korzinki with cream, cranberries and chocolate chips. The base/basket part is this recipe.

    Little Man Baby Shower_-22

    13. Katerina’s Russian cake Truffles (do you see my attempt at mustaches and bow ties?).

    Little Man Baby Shower_-11

    14. Anna’s Cherry Cheesecake and My Mom’s Spartak in the background

    Little Man Baby Shower_-23

    15. Chocolate cupcakes with perfect vanilla cupcake frosting.

    Little Man Baby Shower_-9

    Photos with the mustaches were hilarious fun. These are all the ladies in my family; Left to right: Mom, Anna, Me, Alla, Sveta, Tanya.

    Little Man Baby Shower_-24

    With my lovely Prego sister. Congrats Tanya. Can’t wait to meet and cuddle your little man!

    Little Man Baby Shower_-8-2

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    • Abishag
      August 31, 2021

      Oh wow this is gorgeous. Does your sister have a blog or videos or a website where she teaches how to make these decorations. I’d really like to learn to DIY my own decorations.


      • Natashas Kitchen
        August 31, 2021

        Hi Abishag! Thank you for that lovely compliment. She does not have a blog or videos on the decorations.


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