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A Celebration of Love

    Natasha and her husband sitting at a dining table

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    We celebrated Valentine’s Day at my sister’s Alla house this year.
    The Valentine menu was excellent; everything went so well together. Everyone brought a dish and it was a great sit-down dinner. Lots of good laughs, Alla – I thought the game where we guessed the eyes and lips was a hit.

    At least everyone guessed their spouses!

    Celebration of Love

    It was the best Valentines dinner I’ve been to; ever! So much nicer than going out. We sat around the table for several hours it seemed like; just laughing up a storm.

    I made my Chicken with Mushrooms and cream for the event. It turned out quite good if I do say so myself :). I did update the recipe this time. I think its now perfect. I’ve fully converted to Julia Childs Recipe. If you printed it earlier, please try the updated version instead.

    Click here for theย  NEW AND IMPROVED Chicken with white wine mushroom cream sauce recipe.

    Celebration of Love-2

    PS. Alla, the table looked lovely. Reminded me of Pearl. I always thought she had good taste :).

    Can’t believe you are so talented to make the table cloth and runner yourself, not to mention painting those chairs; did you make the seat cushions too? Wowweee, you have mad skills!

    Natasha Kravchuk

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    • Veronica
      February 16, 2010

      You are so lovely in your red Valentine’s dress! Glad you had a great celebration. We went to Red Lobster and he gave me an old-fashioned crank-style sifter and a cookie scoop. The man knows me so well! I gave him homemade cherry cordials and we had French Silk Pie at home for dessert. mmmmm


      • Natasha
        February 16, 2010

        Thank you! Red Lobster is a nice special occasion place. Thats sweet that he gets you baking stuff. Sounds like an awesome way to end Valentines day; cherry cordials and French Silk pie!! yum! I’ll have to search your site for those items ๐Ÿ™‚


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