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We’ve shared so many salmon recipes over the years and these are the best of the best! We already know you love salmon recipes because ‘salmon’ is the number 2 most searched word on our blog. It’s second only to chicken. If you are a fan of salmon and want to find some new favorite salmon dinner ideas, you will LOVE this list.

Also, you should be aware… Your mouth will be watering and you may get ‘hangry’ by the time you get through this list, BUT you’ll come away inspired to make salmon. So, bookmark this page to reference later, save it to Pinterest, or email it to someone in your family to hold you accountable.

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Love Salmon Recipes?

We’ll take any excuse we get to incorporate more fish into our diet and salmon is one of our favorites for dinner. It cooks quickly and doesn’t require much prep or marinating time for it to be delicious! It’s definitely a plus that our kids love salmon too.

Below you will find all kinds of methods to prepare Salmon including:

  • Pan-Seared Salmon Recipes
  • Quick Air Fryer Salmon
  • Easy Baked Salmon Recipes
  • Grilled Salmon Recipes
  • Genius Leftover Salmon Ideas

If you have a salmon recipe suggestion or request, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Pro Tip

Did you know salmon is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids? The American Heart Association recommends 2 servings of fish per week and salmon is a great choice. If you want more seafood dinner-time inspiration, you’ll love our collection of Seafood Recipes.

Pan-Seared Salmon Recipes

These skillet salmon recipes are probably the easiest of all since they come together in one pan and it literally takes 6-8 minutes for salmon to cook through but there are so many ways to pan-sear salmon with different sauces, glazes, flavored butter… the list goes on…

Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce (VIDEO)
A simple, elegant Pan Seared Salmon recipe in a lemon browned butter sauce. Searing the salmon forms an irresistible exterior that seals in the salmon's moisture resulting in a flaky, juicy salmon fillet.
A simple, elegant Pan Seared Salmon recipe in a lemon browned butter sauce. Searing the salmon results in a flaky, juicy salmon filet. Master this easy (10 minute) method for how to cook salmon in a pan and learn how to make brown butter.
Tuscan Salmon Recipe
Tuscan salmon in a sun-dried tomato and garlic cream sauce tastes like fine dining, but it’s really easy to make. The salmon is pan-seared producing crisp edges that seal in a tender, flaky and juicy center. Every bite has so much flavor! Pair this versatile salmon with mashed potatoes, white rice, pasta, quinoa or spaghetti squash – there are so many options!
Tuscan Salmon served in a skillet with creamy sauce
Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe
This honey-glazed salmon is juicy, flaky, and so satisfying! Squeeze fresh lime juice over this honey glazed salmon and serve with steamy, fluffy white rice. You can either cut this into 4 generous 6-oz portions, or 6, 4oz portions.

Air Fryer Salmon

The good news is that you can convert almost any oven-baked salmon to be an Air Fryer Salmon recipe. That’s exactly what we did with our Baked Salmon with Garlic and Dijon when we created this Easy Air Fryer Salmon. It’s done in a fraction of the time and the air fryer creates an irresistible little crisp edge that seals in the juicy center. It’s so good! P.S. Here’s the Air Fryer (Amazon affiliate link) we use and love.

Easy Air Fryer Salmon with the Best Glaze
Have juicy, perfectly cooked Air Fryer Salmon on the table in 10 minutes with this easy air fryer recipe. It's one of the quickest and best ways to cook salmon for any occasion!
Air fryer salmon fillet on a white plate served with a side of rice and broccoli, with lemon wedges for garnish.

Baked Salmon

The oven is our favorite option for feeding a crowd. You can bake a lot of salmon all at once and even make it a meal with a sheet pan dinner like the One-Pan Salmon and Asparagus.

Baked Salmon with the Best Marinade
This juicy, flaky, Baked Salmon recipe is full of flavor with a zesty citrus and tangy dijon mustard marinade. An easy, 20-minute meal for perfectly cooked salmon every time!
fillets of baked salmon flaked with a fork
Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon Recipe
Roasted Glazed Salmon with a sweet brown sugar and dijon glaze. This recipe is so easy and bakes up so juicy, tender and flaky. It’s also a quick dinner idea (done in under 20 minutes) and roasted salmon pairs well with simple sides like rice and steamed veggies.
Brown sugar glazed salmon
Teriyaki Salmon Recipe
This teriyaki salmon recipe is a winner! Simple ingredients and no lengthy marinating needed. A flaky, juicy and delicious teriyaki glazed salmon recipe.
This teriyaki salmon recipe is a winner! Simple ingredients and no lengthy marinating needed. A flaky, juicy and delicious teriyaki glazed salmon recipe.
One-Pan Salmon Asparagus Recipe (VIDEO)
A one-pan easy salmon dinner idea. The lemon-garlic-herb butter is GOLD!! It melts into the salmon and asparagus as it bakes and every bite is so flavorful.
One-Pan Salmon Asparagus recipe with a lemon-garlic-herb butter. Every bite is so juicy and flavorful! A reader favorite, 20-minute salmon dinner. | natashaskitchen.com
Apricot Dijon Salmon and Broccoli
This Apricot Dijon Salmon and broccoli is an easy, excellent one-pan salmon meal. The sweet and savory apricot glaze makes the salmon juicy and flaky.

Grilled Salmon Recipes

Grilling adds flavor to any dish from charring and caramelizing on the hot grates. And somehow everything tastes better when it’s grilled outdoors. These grilled salmon recipes are a great choice in summer but can also be cooked indoors on a grill pan in the colder months.

Grilled Salmon Recipe with Garlic Lime Butter
Grilled Salmon with Garlic Lime Butter and eat like you're on vacation! Go-To Grilled Salmon recipe – easy, flaky and so juicy!
Grilled salmon on a blue plate flaked with a fork
Grilled Salmon Skewers with Garlic and Dijon
These take less than 30 minutes to make and you end up with such juicy, flaky and flavorful salmon… you’ll want seconds!
grilled salmon skewers
Grilled Maple Salmon Recipe
A grilled maple salmon that is flaky, juicy and so flavorful!

Leftover Salmon Recipes

If you have leftover salmon, these brilliant ideas will help you re-purpose leftover salmon and it definitely won’t taste like leftovers. You’ll want to bookmark this list (especially the salmon cakes!)

Salmon Cobb Salad Recipe:
Salmon Cobb Salad is a modern spin on the classic American Cobb salad. It is definitely a feel-good, protein packed salad loaded with crisp lettuce, sweet corn, avocados, ripe cherry tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs.
Salmon Cakes Recipe (Salmon Patties)
These salmon cakes are crisp on the outside with flavorful bites of flaked salmon and they always disappear fast! Make sure to serve with our homemade tartar sauce.
Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe
This smoked salmon dip is a great appetizer for your holiday or party menu. The creamy texture is perfectly complimented by the lemon juice, hot sauce, and smoky salmon. If you're looking for recipies with smoked salmon, this is a great way to stretch the package and impress a hungry crowd.
The spread comes together in 5 quick minutes and keeps well in the fridge to make party prep simple. Your guests will love this dip, so add it to your menu today!
Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe served in a white bowl with chives and salmon
Avocado Salmon Salad Recipe
This avocado salmon salad is loaded with all of the best salad ingredients; crisp cucumber and lettuce, and juicy pan seared salmon. The lemon dill dressing is so easy and gives this salad amazing fresh flavor.
This avocado salmon salad recipe is loaded with all of the best salad ingredients; crisp cucumber and lettuce, and juicy pan seared salmon. The lemon dill dressing is so easy and gives this salmon salad amazing fresh flavor. | natashaskitchen.com

Serve Salmon with

Salmon pairs so well with a variety of salads and sides. Usually salmon is the star of the show so we like to serve salmon with simple sides for dinner.

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