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A Birthday Party Menu

    A three-tier tray with fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, and blackberries on it

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    When I asked what you wanted to see more of on my blog, quite a few of you requested menu ideas. I heard ya!! Last week we celebrated my darling niece’s first birthday. Here are some shots of the amazing food and party-goers.


    1. Bread (If you are hosting a party for Slavic guests, you have to serve good bread). Before we got married, there were two things we emphasized to our caterer; to make sure we don’t run out of bread and potatoes.

    Birthday Party-8

    2. Costco salmon sandwiches with a plain cream cheese spread. I think Costco has the best smoked salmon (I’m just bummed that it went up in price!

    Birthday Party-6


    1. Look familiar? Strawberry, Snap pea and mixed green salad with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette; don’t worry it only sounds fancy, but it’s EASY!

    Birthday Party

    2. A party isn’t complete without this classic: Olivye (aka Olivier)

    Birthday Party-10

    3. The Easy Peasy Cabbage and Cucumber Salad (It’s very similar to this salad except there’s no purple cabbage here and the cucumbers are sliced differently).

    Birthday Party-9


    I am not a vegetarian. Sorry. I’m very much a  meat-n-potatoes kind-a-gal. About an hour or so after I had dessert, I snuck another piece of meat.

    1. This was just a simple s&p chicken thighs marinated in BBQ sauce and BBQ’d.

    Birthday Party-11

    2. Homemade sausage. WHAT??!! This stuff is the bomb. I need to do a tutorial. Yeah. That would be good.

    Birthday Party-7

    3. Smoked trout. I’m craving this just by looking at the picture. My parents smoke their own fish. Beware, once you’ve tried this, it’s the stuff that cravings are made of.

    Birthday Party-5

    4. Slow Cooker (Fall apart) Pork with mushrooms and carrot. My sister shared her recipe with me and it will be posted soon. Can I get a what what?? I don’t know why I keep saying that (not just on the blog), “can I get a what, what?” Where did that even come from? What does it even mean?

    Birthday Party-3

    The Potatoes. I mean, the Alfredo Potatoes; ’nuff said. These might make you cry.

    Birthday Party-2

    Dessert For the Sweet Tooth:

    1. I’m very proud of the display I put together 🙂 I think I need a cute little stand like that. It’s my sisters; maybe I could just borrow hers 😉

    Birthday Party-14

    2. Mom’s Waffle Cake; such an easy dessert to throw together and loved by all ages!!

    Birthday Party-13

    3. By my sisters special request: Moist Chocolate cupcakes (egg free!) with the perfect cupcake frosting. I made one with extra frosting for the b-day girl. These roses are so so easy too. Do you all want a little video tutorial?

    Birthday Party-12

    First birthdays are amazing because several generations can celebrate together. P.S. I love cute Ukrainian grandmas 🙂

    Birthday Party-15

    Me and my sweet, sweet man. He looks younger and studlier every year. I think I look a little tired. Oh I know what it was; I actually forgot to put on Mascara that day. Oh well.

    Birthday Party-18

    P.S. I had no idea there was a bow on my head. My son must have pulled a fast one.

    Birthday Party-17

    And the birthday girl. Happy Birthday and God bless you little darling!

    Birthday Party-2-2

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    • Alina
      October 26, 2016

      Is there any way u can post a recipe on homemade sausage please!!


      • Natasha
        October 26, 2016

        Alina, I actually have one in the works 😁. I’ve been tweaking the recipe for the past couple weeks so stay tuned.


        • Alina
          October 28, 2016

          Thanks! 🙂


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